behind the scenes copyTattoo aftercare and treatment

  1. Remove bandage after 1 hour.
  2. Wash tattoo gently with soap and water, only splatter water gently, do not soak tattoo in water. Rather shower do not wash tattoo again until scabs are completely off.
  3. Dry tattoo by dabbing with a soft, clean, dry towel.
  4. Do not pick or scratch tattoo while healing.allow the scab to fall of naturally.
  5. Apply cream supplied by us +- 3 times per day whenever tattoo feels tight or itchy.
  6. Do not cake the cream on; make sure you rub it in thoroughly. Just enough for the skin to absorb.
  7. Avoid tattoo getting sunburnt. Even after it has healed, apply sunblock to keep your colours bright.
  8. Do not swim with new tattoo as chlorine may irritate it.
  9. Remember water makes water colour.

Your tattoo will only heal as well as you take care of it, the artist cannot be held responsible for damage due to incorrect treatment!

I can’t live without tattoo art. I will breath, walk and talk…but I will not live. To admire art is my human need. To have tattoo art is my luxury. Unlike other luxury , tattoos are a luxury I can’t live without.