Design Process


977274_761215480571402_1643513254_oTo bring a custom design to life, is to send in a rough description of your idea, complete with size in cm (Width/Hight) and where on your body you would like your tattoo placed.

Alternatively you can bring in your own design which we will adjust to be tattoo-able, if necessary. You could also spend time in the studio with our manager Faunita to prepare your ideas for consultation with the artist Lushia.

The pricing of your tattoo is dependant on the volume of detail of the design. It is important to note that a deposit fee is required before your design is processed, which will be deducted on completion of your tattoo. The turnaround time for a custom design runs from 48 hours to 1 week.

A cash deposit is mandatory for bookings in advance to secure your space.

If you need any further information or would like to book an appointment please do not hesitate to contact us or complete our online quotation request form.

Dreaming after all, is a form of planning – Gloria Steinem

Studio Hygiene

  1. Pure Prophecy Tattoo studio is a sterile and hygienic environment and all medical waste procedures are followed according to the Department of Health regulations
  2. All needles are new and seals are opened by you the client according to the high sterile standards we follow at all times.
  3. Working areas are cleaned between  each client to ensure a complete sterile and hygienic tattoo experience.
  4. Pure Prophecy Tattoo studio offers a complete hygienic and sterile environment for our clients.
  5. All equipment go through a sterilisation process.
  6. Please note, your hygiene is as important as ours is to you…
  7. All after care procedures will be explained before you leave with your brand new ink.